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What are the advantages of using waterproof laminate floor?

There are several types of flooring with wooden looks - hardwood, laminate and vinyl, with laminate flooring being the most popular among homeowners, even more popular now as waterproofed laminate flooring options are available; here are some reasons why it is so.

Low cost
Laminate flooring, even waterproofed ones, have very low upfront costs compared to traditional flooring like tile and hardwood. The ease of and lack of need for special equipment, in the installation process further drive cost down as hired professional help and expensive equipment (which would probably not see use for a very long time afterwards) are not required.

Ease of installation
Laminate flooring is the first wood-looking flooring available in the market that homeowners can confidently install with good results. In the earlier days, the pieces needed to be glued together - tedious but not particularly difficult to begin with, the installation process is now made even easier and far more convenient as the tongue-and-groove system become mainstay. The only equipment required would be a moist sponge to wet the dry glue on the slots to make them sticky before fitting, and can be installed on top of virtually any floor.

Despite low cost and easy installation, laminate flooring is no cheap, disposable product with short lifespan. Quite the contrary, laminate flooring, including waterproofed ones, are known to be dent and scratch-resistant, and colours do not fade with exposure to sunlight. As such, pets, kids, high-traffic, and heavy furniture are of no concern, and the flooring can easily serve for more than a decade while remaining aesthetically appealing.

Ease of cleaning
Due to its nature of engineered wood and designed to require little maintenance, cleaning and maintaining is very easy, and more so in the case of waterproofed laminate flooring. Unlike hardwood flooring, there is no need for special cleaners and soaps for deep cleaning laminates. Regular sweeping and vacuuming, as well as occasional mopping with water will be sufficient for cleaning, as laminates do not hold stains; there is also no need for waxing or any other treatments for maintenance either.

Excellent moisture resistance
This is not a usual benefit of laminates. While they are water resistant materials capable of withstand occasional spills, in very humid or continuously damp places, laminate flooring can still warp. This notable disadvantage however, is circumvented with the advent of waterproofed laminate flooring, which enables laminates to be so resistant to moisture that they can be installed in bathrooms - a useful, even essential benefit for laminate flooring in Malaysia due to the country's nature of being constantly humid.