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Benefits of PVC or vinyl flooring vs other types of flooring

PVC, or more commonly known as vinyl flooring, is a long known all-rounder option in terms of cost, ease of installation, maintenance and durability. To know how such conclusion about PVC or vinyl flooring is reached, let us look at its benefits compared to other types of flooring.


  • Hardwood flooring is very expensive, while the priciest PVC or vinyl flooring cost less than half of what is required with hardwood option.
  • Hardwood flooring is very difficult to install and mistakes are costly, while vinyl flooring can be installed with decent results by amateurs.
  • Hardwood is very susceptible to water damage; while vinyl flooring is waterproofed.
  • Hardwood floors require extra care to prevent dents and scratches; while vinyl flooring is naturally resistant to dents and scratches.
  • Hardwood floors are difficult to maintain, requiring special cleaners to clean periodically; while PVC or vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with sweeping, vacuuming, or dust-mopping, with occasional wet-mopping with water.

Ceramic or stone tiles

  • Ceramic or stone tiled flooring is expensive compared to PVC or vinyl flooring.
  • Ceramic or stone tiles are inherently difficult to install due to weight and brittleness, rendering professional help a necessity in most cases; while vinyl ones are lightweight and designed specifically for ease of installation.
  • Ceramic or stone tiled flooring inherently feels cold and hard; while vinyl flooring feels warmer, and feeling of hardness can be easily adjusted with type of underlayment used.
  • Ceramic and stone tiles tend to be smooth and slippery; while vinyl options are available in a variety of textures.


  • Carpeting require very frequent vacuuming to effectively clear dirt and debris, as well as prevent from development of odour; while cleaning options for PVC or vinyl flooring are open and half as frequent.
  • Carpets can harbour pests like dust mites easily, while such concern is non-existent in the case of vinyl flooring.
  • Carpets make cleaning of spills very difficult, as carpets soak up liquids; while spills on vinyl ones can be easily cleaned with just wiping with a cloth and maybe some water.
  • Carpeting can be easily damaged, especially when pets are around; while vinyl flooring can withstand scratches and dents easily.


  • Laminates, though not as bad as hardwood, are still susceptible to water damage. Waterproofed laminate flooring incurs additional cost, while the cheapest PVC or vinyl flooring is inherently waterproofed.
  • Laminate flooring texture and look options are not as broad as vinyl ones.