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How to choose timber flooring to match your home interior design

Getting new timber flooring for one's home is one of the major home interior design decisions that has a far-reaching impact on the comfort of a home, and mistakes will be troublesome and costly. As such, careful planning is required, and here is how to go about it.

  1. List requirements and preferences
  2. Ask yourself questions and list out your requirements and preferences based on the answers. For instance, how much sound-proofing do you want? Do you have specific liking for certain kind of grain patterns or wood types? Would it do well to match your existing home interior designs? Is pet-friendliness a necessity in your new timber flooring? The answers to these questions would serve as defining guidelines seeing the project all the way through. As such, you should take ample time to consider and never rush into decisions.

  3. Research types available
  4. While timber flooring would mean to some to be those of solid timber only, this is not the case in reality. Aside from solid timber, popular options include timber laminate flooring and, while not timber strictly speaking, vinyl flooring. Difference in characteristics, strengths and shortcomings of the various types translates to impact in looks and feel of your interior home design. Making a chart comparing various aspects of types of timber flooring available will help give a clear idea on which to choose ultimately.

  5. Consider durability and maintenance
  6. These characteristics are noted separately because they affect a side of home interior design that many tend to overlook - practicality. Choose one which is of good balance between decent durability and that you can comfortably maintain. For instance, solid timber flooring, instead of aforementioned laminate or vinyl, is a viable option only if an au naturel warmth and feel is an absolute necessity in your home interior design, and that you can dedicate considerable time and effort to maintain, as solid timber flooring is very vulnerable, as a whole, to water damage, dents, scratches and staining, requiring strict maintenance regime and use of special cleaners.

  7. Budget
  8. No projects can move past planning stages without ample funds. Choose an option that is within your budget and meets your home interior design requirements. Compromise will probably be required here, be it heightening your budget or lowering your requirements. Once you have made up your mind, it is necessary to force yourself to stick to the budget thoroughly, as further changes on your timber flooring can be expensive.