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Floor Depot Laminated Flooring Maintenance

Floor Depot is the leading brand among flooring solutions supplier in Malaysia, notable especially for range of laminate flooring options available, thus making the place a renowned one-stop laminate flooring solution supplier in Malaysia. All laminate flooring solutions offered, regardless of grade and specialty, share one characteristic in common – ease of maintenance. The following are what needed done to ensure your laminate flooring looking good always.

Regular sweeping
Sweeping, vacuuming or dust-mopping is adequate for removing dirt and debris, while wet-mopping is only required occasionally. While laminate floors from Floor Depot are noted for decent scratch and dent-resistance, to ensure staying in the best condition longer, it is advisable to use soft attachments when vacuuming, or brooms with soft bristles for sweeping instead of standard brooms.

Vinegar as stain removers
Vinegar works brilliantly in removing stubborn stains while keeping the coating on your Floor Depot laminate flooring shiny still. However, do note that pure vinegar is very abrasive and thus, always use it in diluted solutions, such as 60 milliliter of vinegar in 1 liter of water. You could use the solution in a spray bottle, spray it on a stain and then wiping it off, or use it as a wet mopping cleaner.

Warm water when mopping
Laminate flooring solutions supplied by Floor Depot are tailored to suit Malaysia's humid climate, thus having decent water-resistance and is not particular about water temperatures. However, for the best cleaning results, warm water is recommended for wet mopping as it will leave little to no streaks on the floor. Your mop should be wrung as dry as possible, so to prevent damage the floor in the long run.

Preventive measures
Other than cleaning, there are some other measures you can take to lessen damage done to, and prevent premature aging of, your laminate flooring, which include:

  • Padding the underside of all furniture, such as couches, tables, and cabinets; as well as home appliances like refrigerators.
  • Lift furniture instead of dragging them across the floor if possible when moving. Use soft rubber castors instead of harder plastic ones.
  • Place rugs and mats with good ventilation to reduce dirt, debris and spills falling onto the floor, especially on high traffic areas like living room and kitchen.
  • Wipe up any spills on the floor immediately.

Take these maintenance pointers in mind and the laminate flooring solutions from Floor Depot, one of Malaysia’s most renowned laminate flooring supplier, will serve you well for years to come.