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Termiteproof Laminate

Wood flooring is often vulnerable to damage by termites and decay especially at homes and termite infestations are well established before outward signs become visible. Termites can do substantial amount of damages to the wood structural components causes it to weaken. Wood flooring is threatened by attack under condition where it is near to damp environments, unventilated spaces or leaky roofs. Because termites feed primarily on wood, they are capable of damaging the entire flooring and lead to expensive repair work later on.

Termites’ activity is often concealed, and early signs are easy to miss; squeaking sound, slight sagging, floorboard seems to have lifted up a bit. The later signs slowly become more obvious are; squeaking sound is louder, floorboards loosen and started pull away from subfloor.

Because termites are often not identifies before considerable damage has occurred, homeowners experiencing a termite infestation to contact a pest control professional before attempting to address the problem by own. Normally, it require professionals to conduct an inspection and identify correctly before further arranging treatment with homeowners.

This home damage can be avoided using 4G laminate flooring. It is ideal for termite infested areas with its treated core that is termite proof and waterproof. The lamination technology uses material that is environmental-friendly and made of premium grade composite and wear-resistant top finishing made the termite proof flooring. 4G laminate flooring panel will not swell nor deform upon contact with excessive water.

Also there is no place for termites to on the panel and rest assured free from gruesome pest damage for many years to come. The 4G laminate flooring comes with lifetime termite and water damage warranty, a hallmark of its disputable quality.

It is a 100% waterproof and termite proof flooring suitable for indoor flooring from residential bathrooms and kitchens to commercial projects, such as gymnasium, showroom, restaurant, retail outlets, and office.