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Why should you choose LVT flooring from Floor Depot?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring is one of the most popular wood-like flooring option in the market today, and Floor Depot is one of the best place to get wood-textured LVT flooring in Malaysia. Other than given attributes of high quality LVT flooring, such as termite and waterproof, low maintenance, and high impact resistance, here are further reasons why you should opt for Floor Depot's EUROX 4.2 LVT flooring series over our competitors.

It is widely known that thickness, while not necessary a benchmark for quality, plays important roles in wear resistance and noise reduction. While most of our competitors offer LVT flooring of 3mm thick, Floor Depot's EUROX 4.2 wood-like LVT flooring series are of 4.5mm thick; this is to say that you will be getting improved wear resistance and a quieter floor to walk on, with the EUROX 4.2 series.

Installation options
Floor Depot is very popular among home DIYers, as unlike most of our competitors where installation comes bundled with purchase of their products, we at Floor Depot leaves the inclusion of fixing services of our LVT flooring, all of which consist interlocking pieces, at your hands; that is how confident we are with ease of installation of our EUROX 4.2 series. Taking fixing services one step further, we offer a total of four floating and non-floating installation methods for you to choose from.

Fitting options
This is yet another reason of Floor Depot's popularity with home DIYers in Malaysia - fitting options for LVT flooring. Other than floors, we at Floor Depot also went one step further and consider small details of the ‘interaction’ between your flooring, and walls, stairs, as well as thresholds. Our optional WALLINE and FLOCONNECT, suitable for use in a variety of areas, ensure that your EUROX 4.2 LVT flooring blends with your home seamlessly.

Floor Depot's business goes beyond retail, with a long list of large scale building and construction projects, ranging from terrace houses, bungalows, and condominiums, to hotels, in our portfolio. If our business partners in the construction industry can trust our LVT flooring products, we are confident that you can do the same.

Throughout the years, Other than having earned awards such as the Superbrand Malaysia's Choice award, and Asia Pacific Super Health Brand New Health 100, Floor Depot is also an associate body of prominent organizations such as Green Label Singapore. All of these mean that EUROX 4.2 LVT flooring is not only of superb quality, but also safe and environmentally friendly.